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4 Best African Restaurants in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city that is celebrated for its diverse culture and cuisine. The culinary scene of this Texan city is particularly noteworthy for its vibrant African restaurants that offer a range of dishes from different regions of the continent.

African cuisine is known for its bold flavors, vibrant colors, and unique cooking techniques that have been passed down through generations. There is a growing demand for authentic African cuisine in San Antonio, and the city has no shortage of restaurants that cater to this demand.

From Ethiopian injera to Nigerian jollof rice, African cuisine is as diverse as the continent itself. San Antonio's African restaurants offer a range of dishes that reflect this diversity, with each restaurant offering its own unique take on traditional African recipes.

Whether you are a fan of spicy stews or grilled meats, there is something for everyone in San Antonio's African restaurants.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the best African restaurants in San Antonio.

We will explore the menus, ambiance, and overall dining experience of each restaurant, providing you with all the information you need to decide where to go for your next African food adventure. So, sit back, relax, and let's explore the best African restaurants that San Antonio has to offer.

1. Kobams Grill

Kobams Grill
8753 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251 (Google Maps)

Kobams Grill is an African and Caribbean restaurant that offers a variety of delicious dishes.

The food is full of flavor and the portions are generous. The staff is friendly and helpful in assisting with menu choices.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, making it a great spot for a casual meal. Although the wait time can be long, the food is definitely worth it.

If you're looking to try something new and flavorful, Kobams Grill is definitely worth a visit.

2. Lagos Buka bar and grill

Lagos Buka Bar And Grill
6060 Montgomery Dr # 101, San Antonio, TX 78239 (Google Maps)

Lagos Buka bar and grill is a must-visit African restaurant. The food is prepared fresh and bursting with flavor.

The portions are generous and the spice level is just right. The environment is quiet and perfect for a meal or drink with friends.

The staff is attentive and welcoming. The owner is present and attentive to details. Lagos Buka bar and grill offers vegan options as well.

The vegetable and pounded yam is a must-try. The restaurant is perfect for adventurous eaters.

3. Trices Cafe and Lounge

Trices Cafe And Lounge
7600 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240 (Google Maps)

Trices Cafe and Lounge offers a unique taste of African cuisine that is hard to find elsewhere.

The menu is filled with traditional recipes that are full of flavor and spices. The portions are generous, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, making it a perfect spot for a family dinner or a night out with friends. The restaurant is well-maintained, and the service is prompt.

Trices Cafe and Lounge is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the rich and diverse flavors of African cuisine.

4. Moroccan Bites Tajine

Moroccan Bites Tajine
5718 Evers Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238 (Google Maps)

Moroccan Bites Tajine is a family-run African restaurant with a unique and exotic decor.

They offer a variety of Moroccan and North African dishes such as tagines, kebabs, and lamb, chicken, and vegetable dishes. The food is seasoned well and has great flavor profiles.

The desserts are also a must-try, especially the caramel cheesecake baklava. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu.

If you're looking for a taste of Morocco in your city, Moroccan Bites Tajine is the place to go.