Score Big with San Antonio’s Top 15 Stadiums!

San Antonio, Texas is a city that boasts a rich sporting heritage. From basketball and football to baseball and soccer, the city has a multitude of venues where sports enthusiasts can enjoy live games.

The city's stadiums are not only a hub of sports activity but also architectural marvels that offer a unique experience to visitors.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, exploring the stadiums in San Antonio can be a fantastic way to discover the city's culture, history, and passion for sports.

Each stadium has its unique features, such as size, seating arrangement, and atmosphere, which make it a must-visit destination for sports fans.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the best stadiums in San Antonio. From the iconic Alamodome to the recently constructed Toyota Field, we will explore what makes each stadium stand out and why you should add them to your itinerary.

So, whether you're a fan of American football, basketball, or baseball, there is a stadium in San Antonio that will cater to your interests. Get ready to discover the best stadiums in San Antonio and experience the thrill of live sports like never before.

1. AT&T Center

At&T Center
1 AT&T Center Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78219 (Google Maps)

The AT&T Center is a versatile stadium that hosts concerts, rodeos, and basketball games.

The venue is well-designed, with great sightlines and comfortable seating. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the facilities are clean and well-maintained.

Food and drink options are plentiful, but can be pricey.

The parking situation can be confusing, but overall, the AT&T Center is a great place to catch a show or game.

2. Toyota Field

Toyota Field
5106 David Edwards Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233 (Google Maps)

Toyota Field is a fantastic soccer stadium with a capacity of over 8000 fans. Every seat has an excellent view of the field, and the atmosphere is electric, making it a great place to watch a game.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the facilities are well-maintained, including clean restrooms and a good selection of food and drink options.

However, some fans have complained about uncomfortable seating and difficulties navigating the stadium for those with mobility challenges.

Despite these minor issues, Toyota Field is a top-notch soccer venue that offers a great experience for fans of the sport.

3. Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium

Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium
5757 US-90 W, San Antonio, TX 78227 (Google Maps)

Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium is a great place to catch a game of Minor League Baseball with the San Antonio Missions.

While the box seats could use some updating, almost every seat in the park provides a good view of the action. The stadium has plenty of bathrooms and food options, and the facility is kept clean.

The prices for tickets and snacks are reasonable, and there are even some great deals on certain nights of the week. The stadium is family and pet-friendly, and the atmosphere is always fun and exciting.

So, if you're in the area and looking for some affordable entertainment, head on over to Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium for a great time!

4. Heroes Stadium

Heroes Stadium
4799 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233 (Google Maps)

Heroes Stadium is a well-maintained stadium that offers a convenient location and ample parking.

It has top and bottom seating, including a designated area for handicapped individuals. The stadium has clean restrooms and friendly event staff.

Security is good, and there is a clear bag only policy. Concessions are available, but prices can be steep.

Heroes Stadium is an excellent venue for track meets, football games, and marching band competitions.

5. Gustafson Stadium

Gustafson Stadium
7001 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238 (Google Maps)

Gustafson Stadium is a great venue for high school football games. The stadium offers clean restrooms and plenty of concession areas.

The field is well-maintained and the views are great from any seat. The parking is ample and easy to navigate.

While the seating is typical bench style, visitors are encouraged to bring a bench chair for added comfort. The stadium has a little bit of a dated feel, but this only adds to its charm and nostalgic atmosphere.

Gustafson Stadium is a top-notch facility for supporting local high school football teams and a great place to enjoy a family outing.

6. Wheatley Heights Sports Complex

Wheatley Heights Sports Complex
200 Noblewood Dr, San Antonio, TX 78220 (Google Maps)

Wheatley Heights Sports Complex is a well-maintained stadium with ample parking and clean facilities.

The stadium is handicap accessible and has a scenic background. The staff is helpful and sincere about assisting visitors.

The stadium has hosted various events such as crossfit competitions, 5K runs, and track meets. The track and field are well-maintained, and the scoreboard works well.

The snack bar is available, but the prices are a bit high. The stadium is a hidden jewel in San Antonio and is a great location for hosting events.

7. Southwest Stadium

Southwest Stadium
11914 Dragon Ln Bldg #800, San Antonio, TX 78252 (Google Maps)

Southwest Stadium is a great place to watch youth play sports.

The facility is clean and well-maintained with separate sections for home and visitor seating. The pitch is well-marked and perfect for playing soccer.

The only downside was the loud music over the speakers, which made it difficult to hear conversations.

Despite this, Southwest Stadium is a beautiful venue with plenty of seating and nice lighting on the field. It's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

8. Trinity University Stadium

Trinity University Stadium
637 Kings Ct, San Antonio, TX 78212 (Google Maps)

Trinity University Stadium offers a great family atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.

The stadium is located on a beautiful campus in the heart of San Antonio.

The field and screen are awesome and provide an exceptional viewing experience.

Trinity University Stadium is an excellent venue for the SACA track and field championships.

9. Alamo Stadium

Alamo Stadium
110 Tuleta Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212 (Google Maps)

Alamo Stadium is a legendary venue for high school football in the city. It has undergone a recent renovation, updating everything from the concession stands to the entry process, which is now COVID-19 initiated.

The stadium has a large seating capacity and two scoreboards, including a big screen for replays, making it easy to follow the action.

Visitors are required to wear masks upon entry, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

The bathrooms are clean, and the stadium is well-maintained. It's a great place to watch a game and enjoy the atmosphere of a historic venue.

10. Dickson Stadium

Dickson Stadium
1 Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228 (Google Maps)

Dickson Stadium is a great place to catch a St. Mary Rattlers baseball game. The stadium is well-maintained and the seating is comfortable.

The atmosphere is lively and fun, with fans cheering on their team throughout the game.

The concessions offer a variety of food and drink options, and the restrooms are clean and easily accessible.

The parking lot can get crowded, but there are plenty of spots available. All in all, Dickson Stadium is a must-visit for any baseball fan looking for a fun day out.

11. Harry B Orem Stadium

Harry B Orem Stadium
Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209 (Google Maps)

Harry B Orem Stadium is a high school stadium that is currently undergoing renovations. While the renovations are ongoing, it's clear that the stadium will be even better in the near future.

The stadium is spacious and offers enough room for a large number of spectators. The playing surface is well-maintained and provides a great experience for athletes.

The seating areas are comfortable and provide an excellent view of the field. The stadium also offers ample parking for visitors.

The overall atmosphere of the stadium is lively and enjoyable. If you're looking for a great high school stadium to watch a game, Harry B Orem Stadium is definitely worth a visit.

12. Edgewood Veterans Stadium

Edgewood Veterans Stadium
1650 W Thompson Pl, San Antonio, TX 78226 (Google Maps)

Edgewood Veterans Stadium is a well-maintained stadium that offers a range of sports activities such as football, baseball, and soccer.

The stadium is wheelchair accessible and has handicap stalls in both restrooms. The seating arrangements are comfortable, but leg space could be better.

The stadium has a public pool, basketball court, and is surrounded by restaurants. The man-made awnings provide shade and give a cool feeling on hot days.

The stadium is spacious and offers good visibility. Concessions can be a bit slow during peak times. In short, Edgewood Veterans Stadium is a great place to catch a game or spend an afternoon outdoors.

13. East Central Stadium

East Central Stadium
7173 FM1628, San Antonio, TX 78263 (Google Maps)

East Central Stadium is a great venue for sports and events. The parking lot is excellent, with plenty of handicapped areas.

The comfortable seats have awesome viewing, making it easy to enjoy the games. The stadium is well-maintained, clean and sharp-looking.

The big screen and jumbotron are impressive and add to the overall experience. The facilities are top-notch, with nice bathrooms and good concessions.

The friendly people and amazing atmosphere make it a fun place to watch performances and games. East Central Stadium is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a great venue.

14. Freeman Coliseum

Freeman Coliseum
3201 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78219 (Google Maps)

Freeman Coliseum is a versatile venue that hosts a variety of events, including sports games, concerts, and special events.

The arena is spacious and well-lit, providing great views of the action from any seat. The staff are friendly and helpful, making the experience enjoyable for all attendees.

The restrooms are clean and well-maintained, and the food options are adequate. The parking is easy and convenient, allowing for a hassle-free arrival and departure.

Freeman Coliseum is a great choice for anyone looking to attend an event in a comfortable and accommodating venue.

15. Alamodome

100 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203 (Google Maps)

The Alamodome is a versatile stadium that hosts a variety of events, from sports games to concerts and conventions.

With a capacity of over 50,000 people, the stadium offers spacious seating and plenty of room for attendees to move around. The staff is friendly and informative, providing assistance when needed.

The food options are typical of most stadiums, but the variety is decent. The parking options are convenient, but the prices can be steep.

The overall experience at the Alamodome is enjoyable, making it a great venue for entertainment in the area.